Why Airzone

Air zone provides the best environment to prepare future pilots.

Aviation Licenses

Obtain the ICAO license from South Africa, and the EASA License from Slovenia. Both licenses rank at the highest level of aviation licenses.

Preparation Period

In Egypt we offer the theoretical course, in addition to an exclusive aviation course, and students must pass a test to proceed.

Practical Courses



We provide the best economic offers for accommodation and transportation in Slovenia and South Africa.

Best Environment

We prepare all students to get to know to variation of cultures and climates to be ready like a real cosmopolitan pilot.

Best Value

We provide a full quotation for the whole program road map to achieve the highest level of academic and practical benefit.

Ready To Be a Pilot?

Air Zone is your main gate to the world of aviation, as we offer the best educational programs from Mama Africa to the heart of Europe, preparing you to be the future pilots! Fly With Us!

Do You Know Air zone ?

Air Zone is a world-class Egyptian aviation academy that offers the opportunity for future pilots to study and obtain the highest level of international aviation licenses. Air Zone is registered with the Egyptian general authority of investment, working in partnership with global aviation education institutions in Europe and Africa, and led by over 30 years of experience from Air zone's aviation experts.

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About Us

Air Zone academy is an accredited aviation academy, based in Egypt and registered with the Egyptian general authority of investment It is guided by masterful investors and aeronautics experts with a military experience background, who have over 30 years of experience in aviation flying.